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9.18 Version 2.4 July 3, 2003

  • define_c_proc() and define_c_func() have been extended, so in addition to defining C routines in external .dll's and shared libraries, you can now define the parameters and return value for a machine-code routine that your program pokes into its own memory. You can call the machine-code routine using c_proc() or c_func(). Thanks to Daniel Kluss.
  • Performance Improvement: get4() and put4() in database.e have been sped up slightly. They are very important to the overall speed of EDS. Thanks to Derek Parnell.
  • Performance Improvement: get_bytes() is now much faster when the number of bytes requested far exceeds the number of bytes remaining in the file. Thanks to Pier Feddema.
  • Translator: When translating a huge Euphoria routine (many hundreds of Euphoria statements), the Translator will now output calls to a dereference routine, rather than using in-lined C statements. This reduces the chance of exceeding a size limit imposed by the C compiler (especially Watcom C). It also reduces the .exe size. Since the dereference routine is more likely than the in-lined statements to be in cache, the speed difference is not that great.
  • Interpreter Source Code: In watexw.bat, runtime windows=4.0 was added to the link command for building exw.exe.
  • There are now some checks for invalid argument type and invalid return type in calls to define_c_func() and define_c_proc().
  • Some syntax error messages are now more descriptive when namespace identifiers are involved.
  • The filesort.ex tutorial program was altered to make it more usable under Linux and FreeBSD.
  • By default, safe.e now does a less-strict, "edges-only" check for memory corruption, when the platform is WIN32. Windows programs often access memory that was not allocated using Euphoria's allocate().
  • bug fixed: When a literal floating-point constant in the Euphoria program was larger than about 1e308, the Translator would output "inf" in init_.c. This caused the C compiler to issue an undefined symbol error. Thanks to Juergen Luethje.
  • bug fixed: In a rare case, the Translator was failing to emit C code to make a copy of a sequence with multiple references to it, before overwriting an element of that sequence. Thanks to Juergen Luethje.
  • bug fixed: In certain cases, when a Euphoria program exchanged Euphoria data with a .dll written in Euphoria, the data might not be freed (until the program terminated). Thanks to Wayne Overman.
  • bug fixed: If you used "asm" in your program, as a private variable or parameter name, the Translator would use "_asm" in the C code. This was not acceptable for some C compilers. The Translator will now avoid using "_asm", as well as "_try", "_Seg16", "_stdcall" and several other single-underscore names that are reserved by various C compilers. Thanks to George Papadopoulos and Matt Lewis.
  • bug fixed: If the HOT_KEYS parameter in ed.ex was set to FALSE, then Esc h Enter would not bring up the help prompt. Thanks to J. Brown.