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9.41 Version 2.1 Beta March 5, 1999

  • The rest of the files in the euphoria\doc directory have now been converted to HTML. Every .doc file in the doc directory now has a corresponding .htm file in the euphoria\html directory. Many improvements and clarifications were made to the documentation.
  • You will now be warned when you have code that comes immediately after an exit, return or abort() statement. This code can never be executed. Suggested by Gabriel Boehme.
  • safe.e no longer includes graphics.e. This eliminates possible naming conflicts when safe.e is substituted for machine.e.
  • Using code supplied by David Guy, safe.e will now let you add or remove externally-allocated blocks of memory on the "safe address list". See the new library routines: register_block() and unregister_block().
  • message_box() now uses the handle of the active window rather than NULL. This forces the user to reply to your message before he can continue to interact with your program. He won't be prevented from interacting with other programs. Thanks to Austin C.
  • get() and value() have been sped up by a further 5% thanks to Gabriel Boehme.
  • exw.exe has been made less likely to crash mysteriously when attacked by a virus.
  • sanity.ex now checks your installation of Euphoria. You'll be warned if your PATH or EUDIR variables are not set, or your ex.exe, exw.exe, pdex.exe, or pdexw.exe files have been corrupted or not installed correctly in euphoria\bin.
  • The security of bound and scrambled programs has been tightened some more. Thanks to Rusty Davis.
  • To save space in, the install program now generates the HTML and DOC files from a common source, using Junko Miura's documentation generator. In the process, the generator is deleted, but you can download it from the RDS site.
  • When a type_check failure occurs you'll be warned if the type erroneously returned a sequence for it's "true/false" result. Previously, a sequence result was simply reported as a type_check failure. Suggested by Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen.
  • The code for demo\win32\winwire.exw was cleaned up considerably.
  • The install program will warn you to change your autoexec.bat file when you install a new release of Euphoria onto a different drive.