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9.46 Version 1.5.1 (release a) June 13, 1997

  • Many operations and library routines were optimized.
  • get_key() is 100x faster when there is no key in the buffer.
  • get_all_palette() is over 100x faster and this makes save_screen() much faster.
  • The following routines have now been built directly into ex.exe, to avoid the overhead of calling machine_proc() or machine_func(): pixel(), get_pixel(), mem_set(), mem_copy().
  • poke() of a long sequence into memory, other than video memory, is 50% faster.
  • pixel() is 4x faster in mode 19.
  • get_pixel() is faster in all modes.
  • display_image() is about 30% faster in most modes and up to 4x faster in mode 19, because <br>pixel() is faster.
  • All arithmetic and bitwise operations applied to sequences of integers are now 29% faster.
  • a & b (concatenation) is 15% faster in most cases, and is dramatically faster in the case where you grow a very long sequence by concatenating many small sequences onto it.
  • getc() is 12% faster.
  • match() is 8% faster in typical cases.
  • append()/prepend() are 15% faster in many cases.
  • find() of an integer within a sequence of integers is 64% faster.
  • Formation of a 2-element sequence {a,b} is 11% faster.
  • Internal copying of a shared sequence when it can no longer be shared is 15% faster.